Missouri Executive Order 44

In 1838, the Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs issued the Executive Order 44.

What is this executive order you ask? It was an order authorizing the extermination of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also know as Mormons). This executive order remained valid for 137 years until Governor Kit Bonds rescinded the order June 25, 1976.

Why am infringing up this piece of obscure piece of history? Because it is an accurate example of what telling lies under the guise of fact will bring about.

Mormons were forced to leave their property and possessions as they fled the state of Missouri in an effort to save lives. The Mormons fled to Nauvoo, Illinois and then across the plains to where the government had no reach in the area now know as Utah. The journey was brutal, the plains were littered with the mortal remains of men, women, and children.

Why should you care about this blip in history? Because we are facing a time of immoral leaders who seek to strike fear in the heart of American citizens by blaming everything wrong in the world on those terrorists the Muslims.

The rescinding of already issued visas for human beings fleeing the horror of war, these people have already made extreme sacrifices on an effort to keep their families safe.  our current presidential administration has no issue with breaking the promises made.

The sitting president and his cabinet of brown nosing cronies are oath breakers. They are not making America great. They are destroying this nation with one alternative history event, one lie, one hiss fit at a time.

We can never forget the Mormons living under the  threat of the extermination order, the Chinese citizens who built the railroads in the West in order to build a better life, the American citizens of Japanese decent who were rounded up and sent to live in brutal and unforgiving internment camps, or the African Americans that were marginalized after the civil war.

If we let the American citizens, who happen to be Muslim, be deported, rounded up, or fall victim to the biased legislation, then we are no better than unlamented Lilburn Boggs of Missouri.

To survive our present and build a future, we need to learn the lessons from the past and pray we can find our way forward without damaging our country.




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  • Entirely agreed! I didn’t know that bit of history. Thank you for filling it in!

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