I don’t think I’ve ever started a year with such a cold ball of fear in the pit of my stomach.

The newly sworn in president (whose name shall never be said) has been firing off executive orders with the fervor of a skeet shooter screaming ‘PULL’. The POTUS is busy trying to undue the last eight years.

In his fervor to put his licensed ‘stamp’ on the US of A, the man is laying waste to everything. He is extinguishing the promise of Lady Liberty’s torch.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, ‘We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.’


The United States of America wasn’t founded in the bitter bile of fear. Instead hope lead visionary individuals to craft and implement our independence. It didn’t happen overnight, it took incredible amounts of sacrifice to come out on the other side as a newly minted nation.

We are not a nation of whites Americans. We are a stunning tapestry of peoples, cultures, and beliefs. It doesn’t matter when your people landed on the shore of the continent, we are ALL immigrants.

My people came over on the Mayflower, fled religious persecution as the Huguenots landed in Virginia. Waves of Eastern European relatives who came from a Catholic and Jewish background hit these shores starting in the 1800’s. My mother’s father died on a freezing cold night in France while war raged around in World War II. My father’s father came across the pond from the Industrialized port of Liverpool, long before the Beatles strummed their first chords.

Without these immigrants, I would not be here.

You’ll never hear me say to close the borders and build walls. The minute we slam close the borders, we lose the spark that keeps the melting pot of United States of America fresh and we snuff out hope.

The funny thing about hope is that it is exceedingly difficult to completely kill. If an ember or a dull spark of hope exists in the dark wasteland surrounding us, then hope can be fanned into a beacon in the dark.

If Desmond Tutu could find the spark of hope in the years he was incarcerated in South Africa, then we have no excuse. The light of hope requires each one of us to hold our lanterns high to be beacons for the lost, the outcast, the hopeless, and the desperate.

Rise up and help keep hope alive.



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