Looking to 2017

I started out 2016 with a huge kettle full of dreams, only to find the kettle cracked and having leaked all my creative awesomeness out in the first quarter of 2016


2016 was filled with all sorts of craziness in my life. We had the over the top campaigning for the presidential election. That would be the one thing I would like to find a TARDIS so I could go back and find a way to change history.

knowing my luck, I’d tear a hole the fabric of the universe. I’m told that is a bad, bad thing.

I got started on projects, then started a new job. All I will say is love the job, but the learning curve was brutal. While trying to give my brain a break, worked on my writing projects. Who knew a hotel room in Duluth, GA could be a productive environment?

As if a new job wasn’t enough, I committed to co-chairing the James River Writers Conference for 2016 with the amazing and talented Erica Orloff. I’m pretty sure that most of what I wrote in November was gibberish.

Why do I tell you all of this? I learned three things that kept me sane:

  1. Friends & Family are everything. They keep you honest, give you encouragement, and understand your own special brand of crazy.
  2. Goals (very important) need to be flexible. Being open to what the universe has for you will help you keep or modify the goals you have.
  3. Every decision I make affects the world around me. If something happens that I can’t live with, then it is my duty to RISE UP and fight for the change I want to see.

Life is a convergence of events that can kiss us on the mouth or kick us in the ass. Both things can ultimately be good. It’s all about your perspective.

May your 2017 be filled with inspiration, laughter and love.


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