‘Twas the night before All Hallows Eve…

and writers are screaming ‘we are not ready’ around the globe.

At this point in my writerly life, I use NaNoWriMo as a way to jump start my regular writing schedule. I’ll work a next draft of  my current project and start from scratch to make it work.

Here are my NaNoWriMo tips:

1. Carry a towel…oh wait, Douglass Adams said that.. but still, it’s good advice. We wouldn’t want our electronic devices to short out due to sweaty palms, drippy noses, or salty tears.

2. NO PRESSURE!  Seriously, NaNoWriMo is designed to jump start your creativity and your productivity. Take it from David Bowie and Queen, you can get through it. Just remember you have an equal number of insane friends engaging in this annual exercise.

3. Have fun!  This is the month to let your crazy flag fly and let flying frog save the intergalactic armada. Gleefully drop your protagonists in the middle of unsolvable dilemmas. Let your antagonists have a good cry. This is your first draft, everything else can be solved in the next draft.

4.  Let your inner child play. You aren’t writing Tolstoy or Didion. You are writing to let the voices in your head have a moment to be recognized. If you end up with a Man Booker award, don’t forget the rest of us.

Now, put down the pen you are scribbling out your outline (for the 57th time) and get some sleep. Your sanity will be maintained by clocking your Zzzz’s.

Good luck everyone!


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