A Spelling Bee for Grown-ups

I’m participating tonight in the 2016 Awesome Adult Spelling Bee hosted by the Podium Foundation.

Bee-r poster

I am a proud member of the James River Writers team. There will be shenanigans, chicanery, ribald laughter, and the possibility of epic spelling failures.

Is it going to be a handicap that I’m spelling sober in an event hosted at a brewery? Nah!

Make some sacrifices to the spelling deities  – Abhean, Apollo, Gwydion, Han Xiangzi, Kokopelli, Lono, Nusku, Pan, Vainamoinen, or Xochipilli. Not sure of their requirements, but any help is welcomed.


One comment

  • Nice. . .I could never spell. I’m spelling the best I ever did now that I use spell check. 😉

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