The power of ‘No’

I’m a person who can easily be labeled a ‘people pleaser’. Even my Insight Discovery Profile says so.

Insight chart

Don’t get me wrong. While I’m okay with being helpful, I will go all RED on your behind should you cross me. It will take me a little while to get to that point, but I will get there.

For years, ‘NO’ would be come ‘Maybe’ then ‘Fine I’ll Do It’. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or get on anyone’s bad side.

Then, I got sick. Or, more accurately, diagnosed with Lupus. (Yay!)

Now I had a reason to set boundaries and keep them up. I had to manage my time so work with my daily responsibilities. All the sudden, saying ‘NO’ became easier. YET, those I said ‘NO’ to tried to ignore my limits and push me into something that they labeled as ‘good for me’.


(Wow, I have a lot of quotation marks in this post)

I had to define my priorities – Writing, Family/Friends, and Work. I still get overwhelmed, but establishing my boundaries makes life workable. Take a look at this article by Christine Miserandino. Let me tell you, I hoard ‘spoons’ like they are going out of style. Or, at least I try too. 🙂

‘No’ isn’t a bad word. It is simply a word that sets boundaries and manages expectations for my life.

How do you use ‘NO’ in your life?



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