Good Days, Bad Days

When pitching an agent, I’ve always been told to know where I would sit on a shelf in a bookstore. Who would be my author contemporaries. This is where it is easy to dream big. I want to be as successful as the authors I admire.

We’ve all seen these ads where the implication is the newer, less experienced author, is stating they deserve to be sitting on the bookshelf with the greats. It’s completely possible they do.

BUT… this can backfire. A recent Ilona Andrews blog post illustrated this point (read this blog post).

Look even the most even-tempered of authors can have a bad day. I love the fact that Ilona Andrews shared this experience with us and how they resolved it (take a look at this post).

Ilona Andrews didn’t have to apologize to Bella Roccaforte. They could have ignored the entire situation. Instead, they apologized and invited Bella to provide a guest post on their blog.

Instead of broken ties, a connection was made.

Everyone has a little troll in them, its human nature. How we act to prevent or mitigate those moments, speaks of our characters. Owning up to our own lapses and apologizing (as necessary) is essential in this world of books.

It’s okay to have a bad day, you just have to remember to clean up after yourself.


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