Not so mysterious any more

I’m a self-professed techie. I love to learn new software and play with tech toys (i.e. new computers, tablets, etc.). I’m happy to beta-test software with the sole purpose of breaking it.

Why do I tell you all of this? Simple, Scrivener writing software has always stumped me. I think in part because it is a feature rich program that requires more than my usual style of poking around and not reading the manual.

James River Writers brought Jennifer Hughes of Scrivener in for the July Writing Show on how to organize your research and two Scrivener master classes (a beginning and advance).

Wow! Scrivener totally ROCKS!!!!!!

Apparently, I just needed a hands on training to unlock the mystery of how to effectively use the program. While in the class, I mapped out and organized a new project.

scrivener shot

I feel like I can jump into my writing, while keeping track of my research, characters, and world-building. I’m going to have to reverse engineer some completed projects so I can move forward into the next part of a series.

I’m taking a deep breath and bring myself down to Earth.

As a confirmed panster, there comes a time in any project I’m working on where I need to be organized. Why? I build complicated worlds and an array of primary, secondary, and tertiary characters I need to keep track of.

I was (and am) impressed with how it will allow for my panster ways and maybe convert me into being a better organized writer.

Now that I’ve gushed. Here are a few drawbacks that I have found. Scrivener is only available for the Apple OS and Windows. I use my Android tablet to do most of my writing. There is a rumor that Scrivener is coming out with an Android compatible program. For now, I’ll write my way then copy my new text into it’s Scrivener home.

In the end, all that matters is that you find a tool that can keep you organized (research & writing) and not be so complicated it gets in the way of your creativity.



  • hello leila its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada luvs that bartleby the scrivener program!!! he sez he is pritty shoor he has only skratched the surfiss of wot it kan do but he likes how it organizes seens and wotnot and then lets him eksport dokyooments in just the rite size and formats for publishing buks and ebuks and stuf!!! ok bye

    • I am seeing the value. If only they would come out with an Android version, my life would be complete. 🙂

  • scribblinglioness

    Because I’m constantly having to switch from home to road setup, I found myself getting madly confused and saving multiple versions of a given project. I quit using it as a primary writing processor, but I plan to import final drafts into Scrivener to help with the revision process. I do love the way you can pull all your reference and resources together in an easy to access format! Well worth picking this program up.

    • The class was invaluable in helping me figure out the minutiae. Up until now, I kept starting then deleting the entire mess. While in the class, I was able to organize an idea and give it a form that made sense to me. I’ll mostly be writing with my tablet, so I’ll be doing a bit of copying and pasting until they get an Android version. Have you looked at Aeon Timeline? It will sync with Scrivener to help create accurate time lines.

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