A-a-and I’m Back!

The last several months have been a tad on the crazy side. But first, a picture of a whale.


Yes, the photography deities smiled benevolently upon me.

Yep, that is a happy humpback whale jumping joyously with the Mendenhall glacier in the background.

Starting back in March, I started having excruciating pain in my left thumb. Making fist was out of the question and probably saved some lives. Turns out I had developed De Quervian’s Tendonosis. I don’t know who this De Quervian was, but you know they had problems to have named a type of tendonosis after them. Needless to say, my ability to type had been severely affected.

After several months of not being able to type for any amount of time with out a brace on, I finally had surgery at the end of May. I now have a scar on my left wrist that is reminiscent of the crack in the wall that haunted the 11th Doctor. If I disappear…crap, you won’t know I disappeared as I’ll be deleted out of time. this isn’t good.

Back to the happy humpback whale. It’s taken a while to get back to my ninja typing weight. I’m almost there. Did you know that you only really need one thumb to type in the QWERTY format? Just sayin’.

Whale…with my wrist deteriorating, I chose to have the surgery so I could at least be semi-functional for my family reunion Alaskan cruise.

No family members were maimed, lost, or fed to the orcas during our 7 day/night cruise. We all ate too much, laughed like loons, and reveled in the sights and sounds of the Alaskan inside passage.

I scribbled lots of ideas down. Took over 2500 pictures and deleted the ones that where blurry and marred by raindrops, bringing the total to about 1200 pictures. I watched whales until I got the above shot and went dog sled riding with Iditarod dogs and Alaskan husky puppies (I had to get my puppy fix).

I didn’t write/type a jot. I just enjoyed the journey and had fun with my family. (Oh, and indulged my inner magpie. Who knew I could haggle the way I did.)

Despite the wrist issue and the vacation hangover, I’m filled with new ideas and how to tackle project problems.

I’ve jumped back on the bucking bronco that is my life and am hanging on for dear life.

It’s so easy to get mired in the minutia of the daily grind. Eliminate guilt, hug a puppy/kitty/something comforting, and fill your creative well with family, friends, and journeys.

See ya’ll soon!


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  • Other then your hand issue I glad you got to enjoy life.

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