And the words go on and on

I do not have a quiet brain. It churns constantly as it processes the sensory input. I tend to notice everything and am easily distracted by things that catch my attention. Sometimes, I just need to sit in a quiet place to calm the beat that drives the tempest in the brain pan.

This is what I imagine a hamster on crack would be like.

My writing feels as scattered as my brain. I’m all over the place. Due to work and other commitments, it’s been hard to find that quiet place to wrangle the thoughts into a semblance of order.

The million dollar question is how do I manage the chaos? To be honest I don’t. I do my best to shape the disorder into something manageable while hitting the necessary milestones my life demands.

Do I find myself chasing the white rabbit down holes? Absolutely.

Here’s the secret, I do my best not to punish myself for those side trips. Some of the best ideas and opportunities have come out of those romps. I also have some epic fails. Both are valuable, success without failure tends set up unrealistic expectations. Failure without success is a burden.


The words go on and on, a syncopatic beat that changes as I take the twist and turns of imagination.

The activity of my brain ebbs and flows, but it is always active. It’s hard on the sleeping patterns, but good for the writing.

I can’t catch every idea that travels the road of my imagination – that’s okay. Sometimes the ideas need to go to ground to develop, they’ll come around again. It’s okay to take the safety off and travel wide and far.

Write on and let the words flow.


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