What inspires you?

Sorry it’s been a while. Life has been working me hard and wringing me out like an old, smelly, dishrag.

The good news is I’m writing.

The bad news is that I’ve got a lot going on and my blogging has taken a hit for team Leila.

On to the question of what inspires me. The lazy answer is everything. I promise I won’t exercise that option.


  1. Photography: I’m a visual person and have found an outlet behind a camera lens. If you read my blog, the photos you see on the left hand side is my Instagram feed. I love to stalk birds, squirrels, and insects as they go about their lives. Flowers drenched in rain? I’m all over it. And, catching the many moods and expressions of my cat and dog (RIP Quizz). Seeing the world through a lens is exciting. The pictures help me create reference points for my writing.
  2. The News: Why the news? There are tidbits of inspiration in every story out there. At the center of every story is a choice that a person made that led to the story. Politics, gossip, crime feeds, weather reports all are fodder. I keep a file of articles and podcasts that I can reference later.
  3. Books: I read A LOT. Seriously, if I were to kick the bucket tomorrow, I’d want my books and my ereader to be buried with me so I have something to read on my journey to the great beyond. OK, getting serious. Reading new and established authors help me understand the genres I am writing in. Sometimes, I have some ideas that riff off the ideas that seemed to inspire the author.
  4. My Own Dreams – I’ve always dreamed big and intensely. Some of those ideas last to when I wake up allowing me to record the thoughts down.

Inspiration is all around us. We just have to be brave enough to grab it and hold on with both hands.

Dream wild and write well!


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