I Raise My Pen – #JeSuisCharlie

I write to share my thoughts and imagination with the world. Some times my writing is silly, other times it is serious. I poke and prod the world around me in order to understand it. I blunder and make gaffes. My world flashes bright with moments of enlightenment.

My words are holy and profane. I deploy sarcasm, satire, and irony at a moments notice.

It is the right of every person on planet Earth to have an opinion and voice it.

Diverse opinions are an opportunity to discuss and learn.

At 8am (CET) in Paris, France, three masked men, armed with automatic weapons and a rocket-propelled grenade, stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo. One editor, nine employees, and two gendarmes were killed. Eleven more were wounded in this attack.

Yes, the Charlie Hebdo magazine was known for its satire – nothing was/is off-limits. They offended equally. Social, political, and economic issues were brought to light through the use of biting humor. Not one of those individuals deserved to die.

I join others in protest by raising my pen.


I will not be silenced by cowards who feel violence is the only way to resolve problems. I will not live in fear that expressing my opinion will result in bodily harm or death.

I will scribble, print, write, and express my beliefs and opinions across the cyber-sphere, magazine pages, blog posts, and social media.

I write to change the world – Je Suis Charlie.

It is the ink that should flow, not blood.



  • Such a senseless tragedy.

  • Reblogged this on Ask Emersen… and commented:
    ♥️💋🇺🇸 we stand with our fellow writers and artists. Je suis Charlie..

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