End of Week 2 – Running behind!

End of week 2 and I’m only just over 21,000 words. I haven’t really finished Friday writing wise, so I might end up on point. I have Saturday and Sunday to forge ahead and bank some words.

My new Mantra.


Here are the top three things I’ve learned this week.

  1. Write! This is a first draft. I’m allowed to have holes with scene notes, then move on to the next point.
  2. Write! Words don’t count if they are stuck in the brain pan. Write, dammit, WRITE!!!!
  3. Write! I’m the only one who can translate the scribbled notes on napkins, post-its, or receipts.

Repeat after me – Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard.


One comment

  • Good mantra. 21,000 words is almost half of the 50,000. So don’t beat yourself up. At least you’re doing it. Take a bow.

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