End of Week 1 – The plot bunnies have taken over #NaNoWiMo

Dear NaNoWriMo Diary,

The week has been productive. My word count is well above 15k. I’ve only gone off-topic once {{eye-roll}}, okay, maybe 12-ish times. No one is dead yet, I’m working on my George R.R. Martin inspired moments, but I’m trying.

I get going and suddenly my brain is overwhelmed by ideas completely unrelated to my project.

I’m counting those words I’m using toward my over all word count. I am! I don’t care if it is against the rules!!!

Some one at work mentioned I seemed a little jittery, I had to talk to HR after I bit his head off. Maybe I should cut back on the Dr. Pepper and stick with tea. Nope, I need the buzz. I’ll just figure out a way to work from home for the rest of the month.

Just checking in. I feel a need to destroy things. That’s a good thing.




One comment

  • Good for you but don’t over do it. You are definitely my inspiration!

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