Richmond Hearts Writers

This year at the James River Writers Conference we are trying something new. We are sharing our conference experience with the #RVA.

Why? Because James River Writers loves Richmond and Richmond loves Writers. No gimmicks, no tricks, just us showing the RVA how much we love them.

richmond hearts writers

On Saturday, October 18th we will be sharing many of our award-winning conference speakers with the community.  Who might these awesome people be?

There’s something for everyone. The locations will be through downtown Richmond, VA, allowing conference goers a chance to see this fair city I call home. Also, we hope to gather members of our community to enjoy these speakers.

All of these panels will be interesting to those who love to read and those who love to write. I’m a true believer that readers should know something about the writing experience and writers should understand what readers want from the books they read.

We’d love to see you at the James River Writers Conference (check out our conference programming). If your schedule doesn’t have that give, come to these Saturday afternoon offerings for a chance to see what we are about.



  • Much success and lots of fun at your conference.

    • Thank you so much! Follow the writerly mayhem on Twitter at #jrw14

      • Okay I will

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