incessant Wyoming winds push us south toward the great gash

barren landscapes broken by a ribbon of asphalt

the plucky voyager teeming with bodies

no peace, no silence

the apex of each mountain brings the involuntary retching of the young

no silence, no peace

the captain and first mate of this voyage of the damned have found their victim

hammered by the fears of others the prey cowers and flinches under each word

little pitchers and avid eyes document the unfolding drama

absorbing behaviors for future use

no peace, no escape

solar radiation beats down on unprotected heads at the edge of the chasm

strength and diabolical shrewdness the hallmark of survival

shadows are a few degrees shy of the surface of the sun



the edge is only the beginning as pebbles crash and bounce

tears evaporate before they leave the ducts

choices, choices, choices

familiar wars with the need to step into the unknown

one mile to learn how to fly

step back step



the voyager with its passengers has departed


i have nothing

i am nothing




  • What a wonderful portrayal of what is often perceived as a barren landscape. Even in the emptiness there is a story.

    • Thanks! This idea has been niggling me for awhile. Then I realized that poetry was the best way to convey it. Of late, I’ve been in a poetry mood.

  • An amazing journey Leila.

    • Thanks Kim! Real life is always an inspiration. 🙂

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