Odds and Ends

I’ve been fairly quiet this summer. My blogging has dropped to one or two posts a week. The good news is that I’ve been productive. The bad news is that I’ve been productive.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Slash & Burn: The second book in the Drakkon series is slated to go to beta readers by mid-September. I’ve all the pieces of the story, but needed to really figure out the end and the jump point of the third book. I have my beginning, middle, and end plotted out with plenty of wiggle room to get to those points.
  2. Cover for Slash & Burn: It’s always a good sign for me when I can visualize my book covers. My REM sleep has been filled with elements I want represented in my cover. The goal is to have a cover reveal for Slash & Burn, the cover synopsis, maybe an excerpt ready to go, and a promotion for Hot Flashes mid to end of September.
  3. James River Writers: This year has been filled with amazing opportunities. At the end of 2013, I was asked to sit on the board for James River Writers. The experience has been wonderful and slightly intimidating. Nothing like being surrounded by talent to bring out my inner critic. But, the support they have shown me has given me confidence.
  4. James River Writers 12th Annual Writers Conference:

    Shameless plug! Go forth and register. This conference is worth going to!

    I’ve also been involved in the annual conference committee. October 17-19th are the dates with Master Classes on the 17th. Check out the list of award-winner speakers – the Book Doctors (who rock), Hugh Howey, Jane Friedman, Sarah McLean, and Sheri Reynolds. I’m swooning!

Of course, between all this madness is life, the universe, and everything.

I’ve gotten better at focusing on the tasks, goals, and values that are important to me. The zombie hamster in my brain has a tendency to run amok when I don’t have that focus, leaving me tired and creatively impaired.

While I have a lot going on, I only take life one step at a time. This way I can see where I’ve been, appreciate and focus on my present, and understand the future is born of the now.





  • I need to follow your lead but I just can’t stay focused on my novel. All the best with your publishing and enjoy your conference.

    • When writing, take it 5 mins (or 30seconds) at a time. I truly understand the brain fog. Am I as productive as I want to be – no. But, I find if I record the thought, the sentence, or phrase, it gets me on to the next sentence. You write at your own pace and limits. The rest will fall into place. ❤

      • My own pace these days has been none. The sad thing is my first draft is so close to being finished. I’m stuck on a character that is devious and I’m having a hard time channeling her. I never skipped when writing but I’m thinking about finishing up and work on her during editing.

        • If you’re that close to finishing the first draft, give yourself permission to skip ahead. The 2nd through 12 millioneth (just kidding) will fill in the blanks. Keep up the great work!

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