Feeding your inner writer

Writing is a mental muscle that needs to be exercised regularly (shhh! don’t tell the rest of my body, we’re anti-exercise).

What are you doing to feed your inner writer?

  1. Write – This sounds easy. Sit your behind in a chair/sofa/bed/whatever and engage your fingers to the keyboard and pound away, letting the words flow and the stories form (or, going old school, pen to paper) HA! Time is that precious commodity that I never seem to have enough of. Eking out that sliver of time to write can seem impossible. 
  2. Time Management – I give my self permission to rearrange my schedule to suit the needs that arise. (boy that sounded stuffy) For years I beat myself up for not getting this gargantuan list, all in my head space, of things I needed to accomplish daily, weekly, and monthly. If I didn’t check everything off, I was a failure.  NO MORE! I hereby give myself permission to not get everything done. 
  3. Be Curious!  – It bothers me when I talk to people who do not seem to have an ounce of curiosity in their brains. I want to know how people react, feel, work, and see the world. I want to know about things that bother and scare me. I NEED to understand my world. Yes, I was that child that asked ‘why ‘- ALL THE TIME. I listen to the news. I seek interesting things to read. I strive to understand my world. All of this fills my creative well and takes me on unexpected journeys.
  4. Do More than Write – Paint, run, volunteer, clean, organize, collect something inspiring, run barefoot through the grass, count the leaves on a tree, hang out with friends – LIVE YOUR LIFE. All these things will fill the well where your creativity is simmering. Frankly, taking the time to do something else will free the processing power of your brain and allow you to work through story problems or spark a story.

If you don’t take care of yourself, your creativity will shrivel. Be curious about the world around you, your inner writer will thank you.



  • Wonderful advice as always. 😉

    • Thanks Kim!

  • So true my friend, so true….

    • Thanks Libby! My writing muscle has been feeling out of whack. 🙂

  • Leila,

    Great to meet you in person last night – even if only briefly. Hope to see you at another JRW event soon!

    • Kellie, it was good to see you. Can’t wait for the next JRW event.

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