Shower Conundrum

Rumor had it that Archimedes was taking a bath when the muse of physics clouted him over the head and he discovered the now named Archimedes’ principle and the father of fluid mechanics (rumor, conjecture, and my spin).

Why do I bring up this vaunted scientist? Because I had my own moment in the shower this morning.

Yelling ‘EUREKA!’ and streaking out of the bathroom for my computer soaking wet would have given Charlie the cat and my mother a heart attack. Not to mention the possibility of my electrocution as I pounded out the scene on my laptop. I have a healthy respect for the lethal properties of water combined with electronics.

Paper isn’t a great medium for capturing ideas in the shower. I know someone who has grease pencils in the shower so they can write out all their ideas. My cleaning lady would have a conniption and all my ideas would be dissolved by the cleaning bubbles.

I’ve considered keeping a recorder by my bed. With my luck, my late night mumbling would be as illegible as my handwriting.

I seem to have a lot of reasons why I can’t keep up with my ideas. (something to work on)

Here are a few tactics I use to collect and record my eureka moments:

  1. Driving down the highway: I start repeating the idea over and over. To my fellow drivers, I’m that crazy person singing in the car.  I try to keep a happy expression on my face, otherwise I might be looking like a serial killer.
  2. Middle of the night moments:
    1. Wake up, get to the computer and type it out.
    2. Lucid dreaming – I do this a lot. When I have a kernel of an idea, I manipulate my dream so that I repeat the idea until I know I’ll remember the germ of it and record it when I wake up. This one takes practice.
  3.  Shower moments: See point 1 and repeat until I can safely record the idea.
  4. Engaged in a meeting or family event: Annoy everyone around you by appearing to be texting. Appearances can be deceiving, I love my smartphone.

Eureka moments keep us moving forward and hope in our step.

Never be afraid to shout ‘Eureka!’ and make a mad dash for your chosen method of recording.



  • I had a snort out loud moment imagining you driving down the road with a grin on your face being mistaken for a serial killer. Then I added in a kid in a passing car saying, “Mom, that lady keeps mouthing kill something over and over.” Because knowing your plots, your out loud idea could be mistaken for the self-directed instructions of a serial killer.

    • You know Katharine…some secrets need to be kept.

      I’m sure when traffic is bad my fellow commuters are keeping their eyes on the road and not making eye-contact. 🙂

  • I have so many post-its and Evernote scribbled that I don’t even know what they were in reference to. I’m sure they were great thoughts at the time. And I have lots of good ideas when I’m driving too.

    • I completely understand the post-its and files. I call it my forest of the lost. But as Tolkien said, ‘all who wander are not lost’ 🙂 We’re just taking the scenic route.

  • I have a notebook app on my kindle. I can type my ideas eve in the dark.

    • Electronics are definitely handy. 🙂

      • 🙂 But of course I have a bunch of unfinished material in my kindle. 🙂

        • That’s always the way. 🙂

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