Psychological Underwear

This post is purely my opinion. If I manage some fact – WooHOO!  All opinions expressed are mine (maybe yours because of that mind meld from last week) and will stand until I contradict myself.

Writing is the act of stripping bare one’s psyche and standing in front of the entire world with your naughty bits covered – barely.


The act of putting your thoughts, ideas, stories, or opinion out in public is the ultimate act of vulnerability. Once it has left the privacy of your mind, all bets are off. You are now a curiosity and everyone will have an opinion.

Family will wonder, friends will opine, strangers will feel free to critique – all of this unsolicited. I’ve heard it all.

Maybe you can write a book like that nice (insert best-selling author’s name).

  • No, I’m not (insert best-selling author’s name).

You know, you misspelled a word on the fifteenth line of the 369th page, three words from the left.

  • Bite me. You can’t spell worth a damn either. Only my editor and critique group get to wield the mallet of editing (which they do with amazing accuracy). I’m not perfect and after 80k+ words, I’ll miss something.

Do you have to write (insert genre)?

  • Absolutely, I live to embarrass you.

I can’t let my kids read this, it’s too adult.

  • For the record, I write science fiction, fantasy, and, some, horror not porn (nothing wrong with that, I just don’t write it. But, I know talented writers who do).

I’m so mad at you! (Insert character’s name) is me!

  • Why yes – yes, it is all about you.

Are you sure this is an original work of fiction? You read so much, I worry you’re plagiarizing.

  • OMDOG! (now, I have a concussion because I’ve been beating my head against the wall in order to not throttle the person)

Yep, free speech can seriously suck.

On the other hand, putting my writing out there has opened up the world to me.

  • There are kind and wonderful people who have helped me nurture my creativity.
  • I have Broads and friends that take my crazy brain as it is – I adore them for that.
  • I’ve been able to give myself permission to explore the scary and beautiful parts of my mind.
  • While I still struggle with fear of getting the story right, I eventually kick fear in the balls and soar until I become a grease spot on the floor of the chasm.

My mind is a messy, scary, and amazing place to be. My psychological lingerie is out and displayed proudly.

I may be like the emperor with a new set of raiment – but, DAMN, it feels good.





  • *Wolf whistle*
    Very nice psychological lingerie.

    • {{blush}} Thank you!

  • Thanks for showing your underwear. It’s a funny old thing, isn’t it, this desire both to reveal and hide our interior selves? But somehow we manage to navigate the line.

    • My pleasure! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again. 🙂

  • Never thought these thoughts. But I thought they are great thoughts.

    • Thanks! Every so often, we have to show the world everything. 🙂

  • I like the way you capture the key irony of being a writer. In my case, my wife dislikes everything I write. In fact, if she didn’t criticize purely from spite, I would rewrite the piece because something was obviously wrong with it.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I think we writer-ly types make the non-writer-ly types nervous. If we can’t make them twitch, we ARE doing it wrong. 🙂

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