Feed and Caring of Writers – Part 2 – Critique Groups

Part 1 – Taking care of your writerly self.

Now it’s time for part 2 – Sharing our musings and writing with others.

From the moment our parents put us with other children/toddlers/babies, we heard the mantra – Share.  Share toys, nap mats, snacks with the other kids that shared your space. Our world extended beyond our initial scope of ‘me’.

For me? I shared a lot as a kid. I was shocked when I realized that my imaginative wanderings weren’t always well received. Some kids would embrace it and others would throw proverbial stones. I learned to shut it down, that sharing wasn’t always an optimal experience.

A critique group is a safe place where we can get feedback on our work.

This is a group that will provide you a safe environment (virtual or real) to get feedback on your story and writing.  They are not a one time use group. You go back to see if you are on the right track. You get feedback and give feedback for others. We share our writing with others.

At some point, others have to read your work.

Critique groups are necessary. Just think of them as the step before the professionals (agents, editors, and publishers) get their mitts on your project.

A good critique group will do the following:

  1. Give good and solid feedback that will never be judgmental or derogatory.
  2. Ask you questions that help you make sure your story continuity is in place.
  3. Question the purpose of a character or scene.
  4. Tell you when things need to be reworked.
  5. Spot grammar/punctuation issues, missing words, and lost segments that you can’t see anymore because you’ve been staring at the project for thousands of revisions.
  6. Leave you excited to continue the project.
  7. Allow you to be a better reader and advocate for your fellow writers.

Not every critique group is for everyone. Don’t be afraid to step out of a group and find another. But do find a group of people you can trust to give you feedback. the critique group is a safe environment to hear the good, bad, ugly, and awesome.

Don’t sell yourself short, find a group and get to know other writers.

Next post: Feed and Caring of Writers – Part 3 – Writing Organizations.




  • Again wonderful advice. I was part of the Writer’s cafe it was a wonderful group.

    • The right people can only make us better writers. I ❤ my Broads!

      • 🙂 so very true.

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