Feed and Caring of Writers – Part 1

Do you set impossible goals? Does panic set in when you realize your first draft stinks? How do you answer when someone asks how goes your writing? Do you find yourself in the valley of despair?

You, my friend, have not been caring for your writerly self.

Let’s start with the basics.  Why do you write?

If you say to become a gallizionaire, I’m going to have to ask you to re-evaluate your expectations. I’m sure J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, or E.L. James  had any idea they’d become as monetarily successful as they did when they began writing.

Successful writers take time and care. This is a job. Like any job you need to pay attention to your time, your craft, and your health.

  1. Give yourself permission to write – This is not an indulgence, this is your job. You have to make the time and stick to it or  you will never attain your publishing goals.
  2. Writing well is about knowing your craft – I don’t care what is said in public forums, we don’t come out of the womb/test tube/egg being perfect in all we do. Writers have to take the time to learn, practice, learn some more, and practice, practice, practice. If you are expecting to be flawless first time out, you should re-evaluate your expectations.
  3. Take care of yourself – When you are not taking care of your health (mental and physical) you can’t write at your optimal level. Take that walk around the neighborhood, put in that exercise DVD you are not so fond of – MOVE! Get out of your head. Take an art class, go out with friends, read outside your normal genres, or do something with family. Do something that will pull you into a different place. 
  4. Give yourself permission to put a story aside – I know this sounds counter-intuitive. Some ideas are ready to be sketched out but not ready to go prime time. You can put somethings aside and understand you may or may not get back to them – it’s okay.
  5. Push yourself to finish a project – Yes, I know this sounds contradictory. Life often is. You can’t publish until you finish a writing project. 


Now, get out their and WRITE like now one is watching you!

(and if someone is, kill them off in your story)




  • Cheers!! Great advice. I’m re-blogging. I rarely do. 🙂

    • Thank you, my friend. ❤

      • You’re most welcome.

  • Reblogged this on silentlyheardonce and commented:
    Some great writerly advice. Check it out.

  • Great advice – especially for beginners like me. It’s important to know when to “walk away” and then come back refreshed. You’re no good stressed out. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again. L

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  • Reblogged this on synaptic overload and commented:
    This was motivational just when I needed more motivation. Thanks

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