Open to Opportunities – a book review and author gush #atozchallenge

I love Nora Roberts.  I used to wait impatiently for her next book to come out, then I began to take my writing seriously and stood in awe of her sheer volume of her writing. Her method is simple – Ass In Chair.

She understands how to tell a story with engaging characters. Whether she is writing a stand alone novel or a trilogy or a tetralogy or a long-standing series (writing as J.D. Robb the In Death series), Nora Roberts understands how to write engaging characters.  In an interview with the Washington Post she said:

Roberts scoffs at spineless hero­ines, including Anna Karenina, whom she doesn’t find compelling. “Weak, passive people don’t make good characters,” she says. She is equally brutal about needy men: “If a man wants someone to take care of him, he should get a dog as a companion and live with his mother.”

I can count on Nora to create characters who are flawed, quirky, battling personal demons, strong, charismatic, spirited, grounded, and engaging. Male or Female, her characters are open to the opportunity to find love and happiness.  Best part? She doesn’t feel compelled to ‘fix’ her characters. They all maintain their quirks while experiencing personal growth (see Lt. Eve Dallas).

Now that I’ve finished my fan-girl moment, let’s talk about her latest release – The Collector.



I hate reviews that spoil the reading experience, so my comments will be spoiler free.

I enjoy all of Nora’s books, but this one grabbed me from the beginning and took me for a ride. The main characters, Lila Emerson and Ash Archer, are strong and engaging individuals. There are shades of Hitchcock’s Rear Window in this story and the characters recognize and reference the movie (love it!).

The Ash Archer character reminds me of Seth Quinn from the Chesapeake Bay Saga Series. They are both strong and fiercely creative artists. Nora Roberts skill in character development keeps the characters uniquely defined.

Lila Emerson has Nora’s kick-butt heroine trademark. She is independent and filled with strength. Lila doesn’t need a partner to make her life complete, but when Ash comes along she realizes that her life can be enriched by sharing it with Ash.

Add good friends (old and new), family drama, objet d’arts, and intrigue and The Collector keeps you turning the page.

Job well done, Nora!




  • I worked in a library during college and believe it or not, after reshelving her books frequently, I have never read one of hers. Yep, I’m shocked too. Gotta get busy and check one out. Great post!

    • I’ve enjoyed her for years. Comparing her earlier work to current has been an evolution in the craft of writing technique. Having grown-up in Maryland, I love it when she sets the book there.

  • Never read NR. I’ve downloaded 3 starting samples. Thanks for the recommendation. Visiting from AtoZ.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Part of the fun of writing is finding authors you admire and learning from them. I hope you enjoy reading her books.

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