Neurons never take sides #atozchallenge

Creativity is an amazing whole brain activity. The myth of Left brain vs. Right brain is being shattered by neuroscience. I find this exciting.

The left brain/right brain never made sense to me. How could the neurons that make up the brain take sides when it takes all of them to make the human body function?

It takes the ENTIRE brain to be creative.

Instead, the entire creative process– from preparation to incubation to illumination to verification– consists of many interacting cognitive processes and emotions. Depending on the stage of the creative process, and what you’re actually attempting to create, different brain regions are recruited to handle the task. – Scientific American “The Real Neuroscience of Creativity

Creativity isn’t limited to the arts. Science, agriculture, math, finance, exploration all require imagination and the creative spark that is unique to humanity.

It drives me bonkers when someone says they just aren’t creative. As I’m not allowed to extend the bitch slap of love to knock some sense into that person, I grit my teeth and allow them to prattle on as they limit themselves with their own words.

Our neurons find connections that give us those magical EUREKA sparks that can start a chain reaction that brings us joy.

The brain is the original computer. While amazing advancements exist in the world of computing, we are years away from creating an artificial intelligence that will rival the computing power of our cerebrum. Psychology Today ran an article about the findings of Dartmouth College’s study about creativity and imagination – The “Right Brain” Is Not The Only Source of Creativity’

Human imagination does not come only from the right hemisphere of the cerebrum. Creativity and imagination requires a widespread neural network in the brain. This mental workspace involves all four hemispheres of both the cerebrum and cerebellum.

Working with amazing symmetry, 11 different brain areas within the four hemispheres are able to consciously manipulate images, deconstruct symbols, come up with new ideas and theories and give humans the laser-like mental focus needed to solve complex problems.

11 areas of the brain contribute to creativity and imagination. It’s a full brain exercise!

I am a writer and an imaginator. My neurons dance as they connect the mundane to form the fantastic. Creativity is an exercise that we all take part in.

Get out there and exercise your brain cells!



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  • Yes! I love your post on neurons and our brain! I just retired as an educator of 32 years and now a full time storyteller and have loved reading the new research out! Creativity lives in all of us! I see this daily in my storytelling students! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!


    • Thanks Sue! I’ve loved keeping up with research on creativity. Creativity is personal and universal, one of our great paradoxes. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to exploring your blog.

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