Material #atozchallenge

I close my eyes and remember the times in my childhood when I would stand in front of a closet filled with all manner of textiles. Silky, warm, fuzzy, coarse, nappy, or sturdy. The colors ran the gamut from muted elegance to bold and bright. These folded lengths of treasure were the building blocks for school clothes, Easter finery, special dresses, or suits of armor.

As I write, I sit at an antique Singer treadle base with the ornate sewing machine tucked safely away. The hum of the needle piercing fabric is replaced by the tapping of keys. The stand makes a superb laptop stand.

Not my treadle machine. 🙂

The creation of a story is similar to sewing. You have uncut material, of various textures and colors, in your head ready to be selected and tailored into a custom design. When you create a story, it is the same process.  You figure out your structure (pattern), then you make it happen with the amazing story pieces and parts.


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  • That is beautiful machine. My great aunt had one similar it was a singer.

    • I love my treadle machines. One day they’ll be on display with my antique underwood typewriter. 🙂

  • Where I grew up, in E. Europe, my mom had one of those, an older looking one, maybe still has it, I’m not sure. Thanks for bringing back the memories, I still remember the whirl sound.
    Silvia @

    • The whirr is definitely a comforting sound. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I like the Singer antique sewing machines. They rarely give trouble and are classic looking. The comparision of writing and sewing is a nice one and I liked reading your post. AtoZer

    • Thank you! It was fun to stroll down memory lane. 🙂

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