Kill your heroes (or at least make them work hard for their reward)

This is my letter ‘K’ for the #atozchallenge. It’s a re-post from March, but it suits my mood. Enjoy!

Leila Gaskin - author

Never let your fear decide your fate.

Every hero you write should have to kill their own heroes – literally or figuratively, dealer’s choice.  The burden of the expectations of the hero’s mentors, parents, social class, or heroes can stifle the character and leave them unable to live up to the task at hand.

When you are telling a story, it’s not about being nice and safe. Some of my favorite stories are the unsanitized versions of the Brothers Grimm. Things don’t always turn out well, every story point is contingent on the actions of the characters. A great example is the sister in the Seven Ravens. She’s locked in a tower and the only way to free her brothers is to use the bone of her pinkie because she lost the chicken bone. Action > consequence.

Don’t let your story get hijacked by fear. Use fear to define your…

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