Fight For the Write (to Publish) #atozchallenge

I seem to have found an ’80’s theme to my posts. First there was ‘Books, Books, Books‘ with a Motley Crue soundtrack (thank goodness I’m not the only one – check out Scriblet’s post). Now I’m time-warping to the Beastie Boys’ ‘Fight for Your Right!’

If you read this blog, then odds are you are a writer. Or, someone who has a shiny dream to some day see your stories in print or e or what ever format the future comes up with.

Everybody dreams, but the execution of that dream is what you have to fight for.


Back in 2013 Stephanie Rothfuss wrote a post about how personal the journey to publication is. Two points stood out for me:

  • I discovered that to write takes discipline. I would only write better by writing more, and I would only write more if I scheduled time for myself on my calendar. I started scheduling dates at a local coffee shop, where I would work on my fiction. It was great—until it wasn’t.

  • That led to my second realization: the best writing discipline is the one that works in that particular moment…. I had to come up with new routines, new places to go. Sometimes that place was my own desk, or the library, or other cafes whose aroma had yet to offend me.

Writing is a mental muscle that needs to be exercised regularly. You have to make writing your habit and develop a varied routine so you don’t become stagnant.

There there are the potholes called life. Seriously, who hasn’t had an established routine derailed by events beyond your control. It’s up to you to get past it and reestablish the routine.


  • have to fight for the write to have your dream.
  • have to write.
  • have to finish a project.
  • have to find a home for the project (agent/traditional publishing, indie publishing, or both).
  • have to make it happen.

It’s a fight through inhospitable terrain and You are the reason it will happen.

Roll up your shirt sleeves, hitch up your pants, AND WRITE!



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  • Thanks for the mention! you’re so “write” about routine and having to fight a battle sometimes to continue writing. I’m hoping with the A-Z Challenge it’ll get me back in the creative mindset and help me develop some discipline so I can actually sit still long enough to let my imagination go free. It’s been cooped up far too long (as have the dog and I!) this winter!

    Thank you for that burst of inspiration and a dose of 80’s awesomeness today. What a way to start a new week!

    Happy A-Zed’ing!

    • Anytime! My brain has been stretching and enjoying a spring revival. Keep up the good work!

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