Easy as Pie #atozchallenge

Writing a book is as easy as pie.


I would be in jail for the number of times I’ve heard that and acted on my urge to throttle (synthetic fibers in atrocious colors , concrete, and bad food are a bad combo for me) the person who uttered those words in my presence. Neither baking a pie or writing a book are easy tasks. Both require patience, imagination, and endurance.


Apple Pie circa December 2013

My pies are considered a thing of beauty. Crusts that flake and melt. Fillings that just fill you with joy. If the old-timey pie suppers were still a normal occurrence, I would have a line out the door for my pies and men prostrating themselves for a chance to sample my culinary talents.

From conception to execution, pie-making and writing are both time-intensive.

  • Be patient with yourself, set reasonable goals and write everyday.
  • Let your imagination frolic.
  • Endure through the writer’s block and self-doubt.

No one ever needs to see you sweat, when they can sample the scrumptious-ness of your end product.



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  • I’ve never made a pie because I know that it most definitely would not be easy. And I agree that writing also is definitely not easy.

    AJ’s AtoZ wHooligan
    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

    • Thanks for stopping by. Love your crafts. I’m going to have to work the chameleon with my nieces.

  • Funny… I taught myself how to bake pies because I love them but there’s nothing easy about baking a pie. I still use cheater crust from time to time.

    • Kathleen, thanks for stopping by. It’s good to meet a fellow pie person.:) I made a glorious coconut cream pie with gingersnap crust.

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