Distractions and … Look a Squirrel!

The new year has begun and my grandiose plans for world domination have trickled to a stand still. Why? Because of life.

Work, family, and stuff are distraction enough, but I’ve been dealing with brain to page transfer issues.

My thoughts are as ephemeral as the fog of breath on a window and I’ve had keyboard freeze. You know, that phenomenon where the fingers won’t type what you want – that one.

Then I have moments of brilliance. Where a story starts and wants to take form. Of course it’s not the project I should be focusing on, it’s my squirrel project. The project that clears out the brain cells and allows me to free up processing space for the real project.

Angels, devils, dragons, magic, real-life, hopes, and more all swirl around in my brain. Sometimes keeping them separate is nigh impossible. Wait! Why keep them separate? I can create a monster of a story with all the elements!


(Okay, maybe I should cut back on the caffeine and sugar.)

I’ll go back to my computer and sort through my brain pan.

Later ‘gators!


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