I’m alive and not quite sane

Sorry for the blog silence. This week has been an education in time management and priorities. I’m pretty sure I left any semblance of sanity back in 2013.  It’s okay, I like my fractured view-point, it’s better for my writing.

Here’s  the run down on 2014 (and it’s only January):

  1. Work – Let’s talk about the chunk of time that lets me have the security to write.  I like them, they like me – it’s a win win for everyone. That being said, I’m brain-dead at the end of the day. I definitely need my job for the foreseeable future, it keeps me comfortable, clothed, and housed.
  2. CADD (completely arbitrary deadline of doom) – I’ve set one and realized that I’m already behind. The good news is my anxiety is causing me to wake up at 4am-ish. Instead of laying in bed with my eyes firmly closed, I get up and write. I’ve thrown the cat’s schedule off.

    Why are you up? I need my handsome sleep.

    Why are you up? I need my handsome sleep. Feed Me!

  3. James River Writers (JRW) – This is a great writing organization. The programs it offers and the authors it attracts for events have made me a better writer. This year, I’m privileged to be a member of the Board of Directors. Still working out all that means, but I’m excited to get to know the other board members. For the third year, I’m serving on the annual writers conference committee. We’re going to have a great line up. I’ll be able to spill the beans soon.

To top January off, I’m a panelist for the first JRW Writing Show of 2014 held on January 30th.  The topic is Great Expectations: The Realities of Self-publishing. Rosemary Rawlins (Learning by AccidentMarch 2014and David Kazzie (The Jackpotwill be on the panel with me, complete with the moderating stylings of Bill Blume (Tales of a 10th Grade Vampire Hunter). If you’re in the Richmond, VA area and have some time on Thursday, join us!

I’m busy tempting karma as I make plans and find a way to juggle my many, many balls in the air. Will somethings bounce and/or splat as I move through my obstacles – most definitely – that’s part of the fun.



  • Your cat is obviously getting plenty of handsome sleep! So cute. And best of luck with a very busy start to the year!

    • The cat is very demanding, but we love him. 🙂 How are your projects going?

      • A bit like you really – lots of projects, but they are progressing which is always positive. I’m thinking this year is all about pacing, stamina and balance… *sighs* and chocolate!

        • Writing without chocolate is sad. 🙂

  • Good use of time. Not sure I could cope with 4am starts!

    • 4am and I don’t always agree. 🙂

      • I don’t think we would ever agree

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