Stupid blank page

Of late, that blankity-blank blank page has been mocking me.

I have a fabulous idea for a story or a scene in my current WIP, then POOF the mind goes blank when I sit at the computer, pull up my tablet, or put pen to page.

So, I decided to ‘hack’ myself.  Instead of planning on a word count per day I gave myself 20 minutes to write. I set the timer on my browser (Chrome has several apps) or phone, closed my eyes (better flow for me), and I went to town.

I found I averaged between 700-850 words per block of time. Not to put a jinx on it, but it’s working for me.

For the more educated, this is really just a take on the Pomodoro Technique. Set chunk of time (25 minutes), followed by a 3-5 minute break. Rinse, lather, and repeat.

That block of time is like Melinda Mae eating that whale – one bite at a time. For me, 20 minutes is long enough to complete a chunk of writing while not getting overwhelmed. If I exceed my block of time – no problem.

I can say I want to write 10,000 words a day, but that isn’t going to happen, Frankly, I’ll freak myself out and make my life miserable trying to eke out the time to do so. I want to set myself up for success. Setting unreasonable goals will give me a serious case of writer’s block every time.

This is how I intend to be successful, what’s yours?



  • I never understood counting words on a daily basis. I write when inspiration hits and go on until the creativity dries up.

    • The creative muse is a fickle witch. I’ve stopped counting words and started counting time devoted to my craft. It’s much more satisfying.

      I’ve found that if I dedicate time daily to my pursuit, the muse is much more tolerate of my advances. 🙂 But this process is very individual. Everyone has their own way to get to their goals.

      Keep up the good work. Writing should always be satisfying.

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