Make it rain sunshine

This morning my keys poked a hole in my large styrofoam cup containing the better part of 32 oz of Diet Dr. Pepper. A geyser erupted from the bottom of the cup, soaking my bag, shoes, and parts of my winter coat. Outside the parking deck it was 28 degrees, inside it was 30.

The good news? It was outside the car and I had my rucksack instead of my usual tote bag. Bad news? Damp shoes and slacks.

Stuff happens.

Really, it does. It’s how you handle it that makes the difference between bad, meh, okay, good, and great.

Tapping into creativity is the same way. Stuff happens, it’s a choice as to how you allow it to happen.

Acts of kindness, personal tragedy, moments of funny – use it. Tell the story it sparks. Even if it’s a snippet.

If you get enough fragments, you have a whole story or project.

I’ve been stuck, feeling overwhelmed with personal goals and work. I’ve been snappish and needing a boost (or a kick in the ass). My kick was the soda spewing everywhere. I wiped myself down and sallied forth.

Make it rain sunshine!


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