The #hashtag

I moderate Twitter chats for my writing organization – James River Writers. I really enjoy each event, I get to chat about all things writing with authors, agents, and the occasional publisher.

Before I started moderating the chats, I admit to being a bit Twitter-phobic. The onslaught of information and absurdities really made my ADHD twitch. Then I discovered the hashtag (#). What is #hashtag? Here, let me let The Doctor explain.

The hashtag is a beautiful thing. It focuses the flood of information to a manageable stream. You can create hashtags to your heart’s content. #writing, #socialmedia, #ww, #leilagaskin, #hotflashesnovel, & #jrwc13 are just a few that I use and follow. It is a way to connect and focus your message(s) and find people with similar interests. In fact, you can use #NaNoWriMo to find inspiration, support, and ideas to help you get through the month (don’t forget to follow @NaNoWriMo).

Throwing the 'hashtag'! If you look closely, you'll see my gang throwing the hashtag. It's everywhere.

Throwing the ‘hashtag’! If you look closely, you’ll see my gang throwing the hashtag. It’s everywhere.

Facebook, Google+, & Instagram also use hashtags to help sort through all the information out on the social media sites. HootSuite, Tweetdeck, and other social media aggregators can help you save time by typing once and letting them do the heaving lifting of propagating your message.

All of these social media mediums can be crazy-making, the trick is to use what works for you.

The hashtag just might save your sanity as you wander in the wilds of social media.



  • I’m a bit twitter phopia too. Just don’t know what to tweet.

    • I generally use it to share posts, thoughts (140 characters) or ideas. When having a chat, I think the Twitter format allows for focused questions and answers. I’m getting to like the medium. 🙂

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