#NaNoWriMo – Day 1

Getting ready to head off for the Porches to commune with my writerly compatriots. I have no connectivity guarantees.

So I shall leave you with the words of Chuck Wendig and see you next week:

You: You make it sound so simple.

Me: It isn’t. And it is. And then it isn’t again. Nobody said you’re going to be a good writer. Or a paid or successful writer. But that’s not the point of National Novel Writing Month. It might become that, later on. But for now: it’s the act of doing. The act of commanding dreams down from the ether and staple-gunning them to the fabric of reality. This is you stomping your footprints across the artistic landscape.

–Excerpt from Chuck Wendig’s 11/1/2013 post – The NanoWrimo Dialogues: Day One, “So Not Ready”


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