This weekend I attended the 2013 James River Writers Conference held in Richmond, VA. It felt sublime to be surrounded by my creative peeps.  The esteemed April Eberhardt said numerous times during the weekend that the James River Writers Conference was one of the best writing conferences she’d ever attended. I happen to agree with her (in full disclosure, I was her driver for the weekend and loved every minute spent with her).  Go out to Twitter and do a search for #jrwc13 to get the full scoop on what happened at the conference.

Perhaps we can call my fellow lovers of the written word, my fellow writing geeks.  After all being a geek isn’t all that bad, just ask Simon Pegg:

So many ideas were shared and communicated.  Including a delightful invocation to the god of writing.

Brad Parks made me swoon.

I met authors, agents, and all walks of people exploring their creative side.  Chip Kidd closed out our opening session with a simple truth:


Take the moments to learn and be open to options. When one avenue closes, look for an alternative route. What you find may surprise you. A project may fail in your eyes, but the true failure is when you don’t try again.

So, I’m back to work on my various projects – the second Drakkon novel, a couple of short stories, and a novella/novel (it hasn’t revealed its length to me yet).

There ain’t no rest for the writer, only stories to tell.  AND, if I haven’t said it lately, thank you everyone who follows my blog, gives me a nudge to high five, who makes me laugh and fills my writing arsenal with the human condition.  You have my solemn promise to continue to change names and locations to protect the guilty and shelter me from the law.

Write on, groovy guys and gals! It’s the only way to get the voices in our heads to be quiet.


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  • Thanks for this post. Loved it!

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