Final Stretch of My Virtual Book Tour

Wow!  Hot Flashes has been out a month.  My virtual book tour, hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, has been going great. It has been a whirlwind of author/book spotlights, interviews, reviews, and guest blog posts.

The virtual book tour has been a great experience.  Roxanne Rhodes, author and virtual book tour virtuoso, is organized and a great supporter of indie and traditional authors.  Through the tour, I’ve met bloggers across the world. This entire experience has taught me a lot about how to talk about my projects and myself.

I think everyone should plan on a virtual book tour when they launch their book – indie or traditional.  The costs are reasonable and you have a concierge who will contact the various bloggers, set up a central author page, and help you succeed.  There are many virtual book tour organizers out there, but you really only need to sign up with one since so many work with the same bloggers.  Do your homework to make sure they represent your genre. Remember, nobody reads just one genre and these virtual book tour organizers can expand your audience.

Authors that dismiss requests to appear on blogs outside their genre must not understand how ecclectic readers are. If you look at any true book lovers bookcase you will find a wide and vast array of genres. On just one of my bookcases I have steampunk, erotica, YA, cozy mysteries, paranormal romance and urban fantasy in addition to a varied collection of non-fiction books.

You just can’t predict who will love your book and who won’t. The goal is to get it out there in front of as many readers as possible. Especially to book bloggers who can get your book in front of a new audience.

For one if the blogger requested the author to be a guest the blogger themselves must already be a fan of the author or be interested in the book- which can lead to positive reviews and promotions. If the author dismisses that blogger- they may lose a fan and lose an entire previously untapped fan base because if the blogger is interested in that book even though their blog does not focus on that particular genre- chances are that blogs’ readers are an ecclectic mix as well.

The second reason not to dismiss non-genre blogs is that you should always be looking to expand your reach. If you stay in your little bubble you’ll never attract a wider audience. – Roxanne Rhodes Facebook post on September 26, 2013

I’m glad I put myself out there and toured.


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