My Author Toolkit – Patience

Those who know me can attest that I am not always the most patient soul.

Like Veruca Salt…

What do I want? Okay, I’m still sussing all that out.  I’ve looked at time travel as a way to get everything on my list checked off.  Then I realized, I still had to do everything the old-fashioned (yet effective) way.

Patience is all about the endgame.  It helps moderate the urge to move forward at a break-neck pace and allows me to appreciate the moments of joy and terror that comes with launching a book.



  • That is PERFECT! Utterly and completely perfect. I can relate in far too many ways and I think I will need to print that quote out.

    Or have it tattooed on my forehead! 😉

    • I have the quote framed and hanging on my wall by my desk. Just to keep reminding me. 🙂

  • Kathils, agreed, but I want it tattooed on my bum so I’ll always know it’s FOLLOWING ME … 😉

    Leila, you know my life well enough to know – I know from active waiting! Beautiful post for everyone.

    • Thank you my talented Broad! It’s a lesson I’m working on every day. 🙂

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