I don’t think we say ‘Thank You’ enough.

It’s such a simple phrase, but it conveys power.

This morning, we learned about the 19 firefighters trapped and killed by a raging wildfire in Arizona. They were Hotshots, elite firefighters whose job is to fight wildfires in an attempt to save lives and property.  This is not an easy job. They make decisions on the fly, while attempting to stay ahead or behind the capricious flames of a wildfire. Once they finished containing the fire in one area, they are on to the next assignment/fire.

I don’t know if it was prescient or luck,  but Outside Magazine ran an article in their July 2013 edition entitled ‘In the Line of Wildfire‘. In the article, Kyle Dickman chronicles his experience as an embedded journalist with the Tahoe Hotshots. The work is hard and brutal, each person carries in a 50 lbs pack all that they’ll need plus the equipment they carry – chain saws, shovels, axes. Read this article.

We don’t say ‘Thank You’ nearly enough to the men and women who serve us in our first response teams, law enforcement, military, fire departments, and so many others.

I sit in an air-conditioned office and marvel at the bravery of these individuals. My heart breaks when I hear of the loss of one.

All I’m left to say is thank you for your service and bravery. May the angels that seek to strengthen you as you serve protect you. If that is too much for them, may those same angels bear to you to your reward and come back to comfort those left behind, bereft in the loss.

Thank you.



  • I’m so heartbroken by the loss of those firefighters. I was in Prescott not too long ago and I can’t help but think of how many people knew them personally and will feel their absence.

    • I lived in Utah for many years. I’ve seen the wildfires and the damage done. All we can do is keep the families in our prayers and send prayers of protection to those still fighting the fire.

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