It’s getting hot in here!

Sweltering heat, humidity that can drown a person in a single breath, and mosquitoes that will turn a person into a raving lunatic are hallmarks of a Virginian summer.

Keeping all this in mind, the fifteen year old air conditioning unit gave up its ghost, leaving the house an oven.  When it’s in the 80’s (F), the house is in the 90’s.  Any thing that generates heat, such as computers, lights, etc., have all been turned off.  The dog is on the cool tile downstairs as flat as a rug, the cat is laying next to him in a canine/feline truce.  Even my tablet feels too warm to work on. I suppose I could return to my old-school roots of paper and pen to edit, but that would take energy.

Sales people flocked to house yesterday, bids will arrive today, and, if the universe is kind, we’ll have a brand new air conditioning system installed by Friday.

This writer prefers a controlled climate in which to work her wordy wizardry.



  • Sounds horrible! At least we don’t get that in rainy England! Beth

    • Thanks! I started this on my phone and meant to save as draft. sigh Technology got me. 🙂

  • Same as Limebird – we have nothing but rain so can’t imagine what it must be like, sounds pretty rough! 🙂

    • I’m investing in a large kiddie pool. 🙂 Such is life in the mid-atlantic region of the East Coast.

  • We’re still a bit cooler in the Maryland foothills, but it’s only a matter of time. Although, I’m hoping the Post’s Capital Weather Gang is right about this summer being more average” rather than on the hot side!

    • I can deal with average. 🙂 Crossing all my flanges. 🙂

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