I just finished my edit-cation and I feel in charge, empowered, and on-task with my writing.

What is an edit-cation you ask? Same as a stay-cation but with time dedicated to my laptop and manuscript. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday I plunked my behind in a study room at the local library for 4-6 hour blocks and edited.  Having that chunk of time was rewarding and productive. I’m just about finished going through my editor’s notes and feel I have a strong project.

Whether you are stuck, stymied, or all together blocked, find your self a safe place and dedicate a block of time to write and/or edit.   Give yourself that time and enjoy the results.



  • Oh, what a fabulous idea. I think I’m due for an edit-cation when I get back from Balticon this weekend…. thanks! Well timed post as always. 🙂

    • Thank you my friend! Have fun in Balticon.

  • Leila, I nominated your for a Liebster Blog Award 😉


    • Thank you!

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