Why Go to Conventions and Conferences?

Because they are fun and rejuvenating.

Don’t worry, that’s not the end of this post. I was at RavenCon this past weekend and had a blast.  It was a nerdy/geeky celebration of all things science fiction, fantasy, and horror related. I saw 3 Tom Baker Doctor Who‘s and 1 David Tennant. Multitudes of TARDIS costumes. Steam punk costumes abounded. Anime everywhere. A group of Klingons. An couple of Stargate teams. Star Wars? Represented.

Allen Wold, Leona Wisoker, Day Al Mohammed, Pamela Kinney, J. Andrew World, Gail Z. Martin, Barbara Friend Ish, Dennis Danvers, Danny Birt,  (and a ton more) were some of the authors in attendance.

I came away with new friends, opportunities, and a new story based on Mars.

Conventions and Writing Conferences are an opportunity to practice networking with creative people. Who knows, new friendships might surface.  While your genre or focus might not be the same, the inspiration abounds.

I’m fortunate in Mid-Atlantic area there are at least 5 different events each year within driving distance.  Even if you don’t write, go! You’ll make new friends, talk endlessly about things you are passionate about, and come away uplifted.


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