Love it/Hate it/Confused

I’m feeling contradictory and out of sorts.

I love the story I’ve created, but I abhor my manuscript. The words have become squiggly lines that move and dance on the page and screen. Punctuation landing willy-nilly.

Take a break – been there, done that. Still can’t see the forest for the big, fat tree(s) blocking my way.

I’m taking things to a professional.  While I’m waiting for them to edit, I’ll be the one muttering in the corner to herself about plagues, dragons, spaceships, and realistic female & male characters.

(If you’re a true friend, you’ll send delicious, decadent dark chocolate.)


Upcoming events:

February 20th – Blog interview with K.L. Schwengel, author of FIRST OF HER KIND: Book One of the Darkness and Light Series.

February 26th at 12:00pm – Twitter Chat with Lena Roy, author of the YA novel EDGES. Follow @jamesrvrwriters, @lenaroy and search for #jrwc13 to talk about her experiences in writing and publishing.

March 26th at 12:00pm – Twitter Chat with Lana Krumwiede, author of FREAKLING.  Follow @jamesrvrwriters, @lanakrumwiede, and search for #jrwc13 to chat about her writing and her publishing experiences.



  • Virtual delicious, decadent, dark chocolate is on the way — in mass quantities. Well, except for that little piece on the corner. *wipes mouth* Now, stop muttering in the corner and get busy writing something else. Something totally unrelated that will give the white rat on your head something else to chew on for a while. 😉

    • Yes ma’am! 🙂 Working on two short stories – ghost and scifi. I’ll ride the sugar high as long as I can.

  • Good luck. Eat and drink lots. It helps…

    • Thanks! I’m making salted caramel brownies this weekend. That should put me over the edge. 🙂

      • They sound nice. Too nice!

  • Virtual chocolates zipping your way, but we have to share. I just sent a manuscript to three beta readers this week. 😉

    • Sharing the chocolate. 🙂 Keep me posted how the beta read goes.

  • Love, love, love that picture. I don’t trust writers who say they never feel like that… hope the chocolate & brownies help and that the 2 stories keep your mind off it. Sending chocolate too…

    • Mmmm chocolate! I think all writing should be fueled by chocolate. 🙂

      • I totally agree!

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