My Tao

Tao or Dao  is a Chinese word meaning ‘way’, ‘path’, ‘route’, or sometimes more loosely, ‘doctrine’ or ‘principle’, or as a verb, speak.

To find my path, I’ve had to figure out my raison d’etre. So, I asked myself the following questions:

  • Why do I write? The world is full of bits and pieces that combine to create a story. How I put those pieces together is unique to me.
  • What do I get out of it? Fame, fortune, and world domination.


In reality, I get the voices out of my head and entertain people at the same time (and possibly get rid of the ‘Pinky and the Brain’ earworm that is now tormenting me). Not a bad trade off.

  • Am I saying something important? Of course I am.  Otherwise, why would I be saying it.  Importance can be sorted by like the old junk adage – One person’s importance is another person’s irrelevance. I have no pretensions of how others view me. Yet, if I do not say my piece, no one will know what I’m thinking.
  • Am I looking to get rich? A girl can dream.

Writing isn’t always a sexy process.  In fact, it can be down right demoralizing.  It’s the shining moments where imagination, persistence, and vision separate the person who says ‘I want to be a writer‘ and the writer.  Make writing your habit and work with like minded (i.e a good critique group), don’t let your work molder in a drawer where only dust bunnies play.  Tell your stories and tell them well.

Upcoming events:

  • JRW Twitter Chat with Cherise Fisher of on February 6th at 12:30pm. Follow @jamesrvrwriters, @scribeswindow and search for #jrwc13 to chat about her extensive experiences in editing for several of the large publishing houses in NYC.
  • JRW Twitter Chat with Lena Roy, author of the YA novel EDGES, on February 26th at 12:00pm. Follow @jamesrvrwriters, @lenaroy and search for #jrwc13 to talk about her experiences in writing and publishing.

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