What Stirs Your Soul?

What stirs your soul? What fills you with a desire to change the world you live in? What brings you joy? What brings you light in your darker moments?

If you don’t have an answer (big or small) to any of the above questions – Houston, we have a problem.

We all have our challenges and our triumphs.  Frankly, we can’t recognize the one without the other.  We learn, adapt, and move forward (or at least we should).

My life is pretty simple – family, work, and stuff.  It’s the ‘stuff’ that makes me look outside the ‘norm’.  I was never one to stick to the colors provided in the crayon box. Why would I when I could mix them together and come up with something new. Keeping my eyes open and my window for opportunity propped wide is the way to find that soul satisfaction.  Writing, pit bull rescue and advocacy, family, photography, and computers are just a few of the things that make my soul sing.

In 1997, Apple computers challenged us to ‘think different’ (of course they wanted us to ‘think different’ using their product).

I choose to think different – do you?



  • Ah, yes, far too differently for some, I’m afraid. But in the long run, that’s their problem, not mine. What makes my soul sing? Time with my family, my friblings (friends who are more like siblings than my siblings themselves), my dogs, a beautiful sunset, the slim crescent moon holding its darker self as it rises early on a frosty dawn . . .

    • Fribling – I like that. 🙂

      • I can’t claim credit for “friblings”, but I sure do like it. Very appropriate.

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