Intermittent Transmissions

Here are my excuses for my lack of posting:

  1. Editing the Great American Urban Fantasy Novel.
  2. Writing more Urban Fantasy.
  3. Participating in DoNoWriMo – Donuts are involved, I don’t need to anything more.
  4. Finishing a couple short stories that have been niggling my brain.
  5. Thanksgiving.

I’ll be posting when I have a stray thought (or two).  I’ll definitely be back in the groove January 1st.



  • LOL! I’m suffering from the same problems (thus the intermittent – er late reading of this post). Obviously I signed up for the wrong writing junket. DoNoWriMo sounds like much more fun… Best of luck with all the writing endeavours – just happy to read whenever you post!

    • Thanks! You too! I always feel November slips away and I’m waving at it from December in a heartbeat.

      Sending a couple of goons your way to remind your muse to be nice. 🙂 Happy writing!

  • You are so sweet!!!

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