Fear Me

I walk, fettered by responsibilities and dreams, among the populace.
At first glance, I am lonely, sad.
I dream expansively, unwilling to accept obstacles.
I work tirelessly, understanding the weight of my responsibilities.
Years have sculpted me and filled my well with insight.
With great whimsy, time has given and taken.
Dreams evolved and devolved as cycles complete.
I meet each challenge with vigor, letting fear fuel my momentum.
I am.
I will be.
Fear me, dreams and goals cloak me in glorious raiment.
Fear me, discouragement is long since shredded in the wind.
Fear me, angels walk with me, devils cavort around me.
Fear me, I live.
Fear me, I die.
Fear me.



  • I have always been in awe of you… does that count as fear?

    • I’ll take the awe. 🙂

  • Very well expressed…that’s the story of everyone who’s willing to take an extra step 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment and for visiting.

      • Pleasure Leila, in between please drop by and check out my stuff and let me know your response. Thanks 🙂

  • Oh Leila, I felt that. Brilliantly done.

    • Thanks Yolanda!

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