Characters of our Lives

Eight years ago this month I fell in love with a boy.  Smart, funny, devoted, and slightly crazy.  He is mine and I am his. Yet, the first couple of years were rough in the defining of the relationship. Boundaries and roles had to be drawn. Some things had to develop organically, instead of fitting into a structure of my own expectations. I had to resist the occasional urge to bop his nose with a newspaper – figuratively.

As you can tell, Mr. Quizz isn’t always impressed with my efforts.

Character building is much like having a new relationship.  We start out with a preconceived notion of the who, how, and what they are. We document back stories and front stories, give them attributes we think they should have. Only to have them become more that the parameters set,  becoming unruly  or inspiring in their voices. If a character is too perfect, evil, good, or something, I’ll close the book forever. And that is a crime.



  • I totally agree. The true characters in our lives often have a will of their own, and while you might wish they are better behaved, or strong-willed – you actually love them because of it. Loved the photo too!

    • Thanks! Mr. Quizz is a definite inspiration in my life. 🙂 My characters have surprised and frustrated me, but I’ve enjoyed the journey so far.

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