The Octopus is not Cooperating

I’ve been AWOL lately-sorry about that.

Due to lofty goals, I’ve had to focus on my project.  My short list of things not to neglect during this time?

  1. Must feed and walk the dog.  Quizz is pretty quiet and easy going, but there are things that are necessary to his well being.
  2. Go to work.  No work, no kibble on the table or food in the bowl. OR gas in the tank.
  3. Edit, Edit, Edit, Edit and write.


My tentacles of imagination are waving everywhere, grasping on to the sides of my tank refusing to focus on the task at hand. sigh



  • I will try to always remember this. This is possibly the best analogy I’ve ever heard describing the writing process. How delightful! I initially read it as wrestling an octopus in mayonnaise, but this works too. You can just never seem to get all the bits to fit at the same time, and the moment you do it squirts ink at you and darts away.

    • Ha! I think either way, the octopus is a wily creature that teaches us about thinking outside the box! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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