Field of Dreams

If I hear one more attack ad, the world will hear a shrill noise that will only expand exponentially until all the ears in the world are bleeding. All this ‘my way or the highway’ crap is getting on my last nerve.

Politics flash into everyone’s minds when we hear the  phrase ‘attack ad’.  Yet no topic is untouched by people’s need to be right or to prove someone wrong.  While I have very strong beliefs, beliefs I am willing to make sacrifices for, I will not defame or attack someone who has a different opinion or belief.

The world is not black and white, the spectrum between is filled with more than fifty shades of gray. Publishing is an all you can eat buffet, filled with the exotic to the barely palatable.   There is no need to disparage other authors in an effort to promote your own work.

Stina Lindenblatt had a great post on the Query Tracker blog entitled ‘Beware What You Say!

The writing community is a supportive place. Let’s keep it that way. Make sure your drive to success is leading you in the positive direction.

To obtain the publishing ‘field of dreams’, well written, and edited stories will float to the top.

Thanks to Eleanor Brown for sharing!



  • LMAO. Love that quote.

    • It’s hanging discretely at my desk. Reminding me to be patient. 🙂

  • That’s a really great quote!

    • Thanks!

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