In Emma Burcart’s post ‘Sometimes There’s A Crack in the Plan‘, she tells the tale of a road trip that doesn’t go according to plan.

It’s so easy to get angry and upset when things don’t go according to our vision or expectations.  After all we control the our world and everything it touches – NOT!

My days often go like this

Yes, there are deadlines, milestones and necessary things to be done.  Tangents, shiny things and moments of pure inspiration are the grease that keeps our practical gears going.  Too much lubricant and our gears spin, no traction.  Not enough and they get stuck.  Finding that balance is hard work.

I get stuck or distracted all the time, but there are times when the Universe aligns and I’m in my zone.  I just have to remember to keep my goals insight and be flexible enough to seize the opportunities that come my way.



  • I love the reminder to be flexible and find balance. And that those tangents and ideas that pop into our heads do actually lead to something. It can be too easy to focus only on our goals and lose sight of everything else around us. At least for me.

    • I loved your road trip post. Balance and flexibility are the lessons I’m always in process with. Then again to maintain either one I need to be in process. 🙂

  • I loved Emma’s post when I first read it, and I love where you took your post. Sometimes I have a hard time being flexible. And sometimes I ignore the practical and have to put writing aside until I catch up.

    • I spent last weekend productively procrastinating. Catching up on my practical. I finally had nothing more to do and buckled down. Then it became productive creativity.

      • That’s perfect, Leila! I am catching up on the practical after a few days at the beach and working on a book of author interviews and essays that is creative but it’s also practical–a lot of juggling email correspondence and requesting bios and the like. That’s taking time away from my novel-writing, but it’s totally worth it. I have 43 authors involved and they’re all counting on me to get this collection out by early October.

        • I can’t wait to see the collection, it sounds wonderful. We’ve been running Twitter Chats with various authors and panelists who will be attending our James River Writers Conference. Talk about expanding my horizons. I have to read their work before I feel ready to moderate the chat. I’ll have to suggest we start collecting the chats to publish.

          • I wish I were on Twitter when I hear things like that, Leila! Very cool. I know what you mean about reading authors’ work to then be able to talk about it. I’ve been doing that in the past month for my last two interviews.

            Let me know if you get serious about publishing the collection, and I’d be happy to answer any questions about my experience and/or offer suggestions. I’m still learning as I go, but I expect to know more about the process and the marketing side of things in the next month. It’s so fun! I love a tight deadline, too. It’s inspiring.

          • I definitely will reach out to you if the org board okays the project.

  • I can’t focus on my goals 🙂 So I need the opposite advice 😀

    • One thing I’ve learn, there is no one writing process. AND if you have something that works, it will evolve over time.

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